The International Indoor Football Tournament of Deaf Children Under 16

The International Indoor Football  Tournament of Deaf Children Under 16 is organised annualy since 1993. It is the only event of this kind internationally.

The central idea of this sport activity apart from the status of a championship is to enable the hearing - impaired children from the countries all over world to meet. It is also one of the few opportunities for them to represent their country, its natural beauties and life of its inhabitans.

The importance to the International Indoor Tournament of Deaf Children Under 16 is given by organizations taking part in organization of this event - The Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Union of Deaf Sportsmen, Slovak Union of Hearing Impaired, and before 2002 Basic Boarding Schools for Hearing Impaired in Presov and Sport Club of Deaf Children. Other important institutions making the event successful are the Presov City Hall, Department of Education and daily paper Presovský vecerník. More and more countries from different parts of the world show their interest in this important event every year.

     In the previous eighteenth tournament the following 26 countries took part: Algeria (Alger), Austria (Graz), Azerbaijan (Baku), Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Lokeren), Bulgaria (Sofia), Croatia (Zagreb), Czech Republic (representation), Denmark (Aalborg), Estonia (Tallin), Hungary (Debrecén, Kaposvár, Vác), Israel (Haifa), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Kuwait (Kuwait), Latvia (Riga),  Lithuania (Kaunas), Macedonia (Bitola), Poland (Przemysl, Bydgoszcz), Romania (Bucuresti, Vaslui, Craiova), Russia  (Moscow, Rostov n/D, Belgorod),  Saudi Arabia (Rijád), Slovakia  (representation), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Ukraine (Uzgorod, Dnepropetrovsk, Charkov, Kyjev), USA (Connecticut - West Hartford), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).

The interest to take part on this tournament has annonced  also other countries from all over the World.

All of you are welcome!